Endorsements - Backing the Macs

"A must-see family film! If you loved Hoosiers and Rudy, you will love The Mighty Macs!"
Rudy Ruettiger (the real-life Rudy)

"We are all indebted to the Mighty Macs for what women's basketball is today. Tim Chambers has done a wonderful job of capturing the essence of Cathy Rush and the story, and I hope everyone will be in theaters on October 21 to see the movie. Even though we will have started practice by then, I'm going to do everything possible to see THE MIGHTY MACS on opening weekend. This movie is worth the effort.
Geno Auriemma, University of Connecticut Women's Basketball Coach

"What a great film about a special time in the growth of women's intercollegiate athletics. I fondly recall when we played the Immaculata Mighty Macs in the Consolation Finals of the 1977 AIAW Final Four in Minneapolis, Minn. They were the veteran team who had hung all the banners … we were a newcomer on the national scene. Our Lady Vol team was elated to have defeated one of the toughest teams in women's hoops in the 1970s! This film is a 'must watch' and truly captures the spirit of the awesome team the Mighty Macs were back in the day."
Pat Summitt, Women's Basketball Coach, University of Tennessee

"The Mighty Macs is a must see - not only for sports fans, but for everyone. It is exciting, inspiring, heart-warming and just wonderfully entertaining ... It is a great movie that you do not want to miss!"
Tom Monaghan, Founder of Domino's Pizza & Ave Maria University

"THE MIGHTY MACS is a great film for the entire family, not just for the sports fan! It is a relatable story of perseverance, dedication and triumph. I would tell every man or woman who coaches to take their team to see what can be accomplished against all odds!"
John Kincade, host of "The John Kincade Show" aired nationally on ESPN Radio

"The story of The Mighty Macs could become the Hoosiers of women's college basketball. It's a story of dreaming big against all odds and finding a way to make your dream come true. Every player and coach in women's basketball should watch this movie so they understand where it all started."
Tom Collen, Women's Basketball Coach, University of Arkansas

"My family and I watched The Mighty Macs together. It's a wonderful inspiring movie that teaches the values of friendship, dedication, and trust. Growing up loving sports, I enjoyed learning some history of girls' basketball and was inspired at how one woman's love and perseverance could impact so many people's lives."
Denise Jones, Point of Grace

"The Lakeland College Women's Basketball team absolutely loved this film! It truly is an inspiring film that young women everywhere must see! It also helped our team see who has come before us to help pave the way. It is so wonderful to finally see a sports movie showcasing the triumphs and tribulations of a women's basketball team! Let's Go MACS! We believe."
Lindsey Vande Hoef, Women's Basketball Coach, Lakeland College

"Forty years ago, the world was a different place—especially for women who aspired to step outside the few, basic roles society attempted to define for them. Cathy Rush had the courage, faith and determination to let her dreams break barriers, and The Mighty Macs tells her story in compelling fashion. Tim Chambers has been able to capture the feel and atmosphere of the early 1970s women's sports scene with great perception."
Kathryn Olson, Executive Director, Women's Sports Foundation

"The Mighty Macs brings back memories of how a coach and a few basketball players from a very small college changed the way we view women's sports today. This is not just another story of how true grit can overcome what the rest of the world deems impossible, but is also the story of a major contribution to the Women's Movement in America."
Tony Campolo, PhD. Professor Emeritus, Eastern University

"Watching THE MIGHTY MACS is like living history again."
Betty Jaynes, Founder, Women's Basketball Coaches Association

"THE MIGHTY MACS has something for every generation and is a must-see movie."
Nicole M. LaVoi, Ph.D., Associate Director, The Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, University of Minnesota

"We're very excited about THE MIGHTY MACS."
Beth Bass, Executive Director, Women's Basketball Coaches Association

"This story of story of faith and determination is inspirational. The family friendly film reminds us of the power of believing that we can achieve against seemingly insurmountable odds."
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

"A wonderful movie of hope, commitment and belief in self and others."
Most Reverend Martin Amos, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, Iowa

"A great reminder of the need to dream!"
Most Reverend Edward Rice, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis

"THE MIGHTY MACS is an inspiring movie that teaches the values of faith without limits, as well as perseverance and teamwork in a girl's life. I encourage our American Heritage Girls Troops to support this movie on opening weekend and enjoy a film that leaves you excited about the opportunities God presents to us daily. With Him all things are possible."
Patti Garibay, American Heritage Girls Founder and Executive Director

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